Not just a running club, a running MOVEMENT.


Inspired by the need for something cool to do, Second Capital Running started as a social media movement in early 2018. We quickly grew into a running club of sorts, and then with the acquisition of the Vineland Grand Prix, a race management group. SCR is the one-stop source for all things running related in Vineland and Cumberland County. Along with connecting runners in the area, our ultimate goal is to integrate local businesses and non-profits into a network of individuals that want to breathe new life into the community through their active lifestyles.

Just about any committed runner will tell you that running has changed their life for the better in more than just the physical aspects. People who lead active lifestyles tend to be more motivated, driven to take on challenges, and in turn become more successful. We believe that uniting people through a culture of healthy social and physical activity will have positive effects that reverberate throughout the community.