Runner Survey

At Second Capital Running, our goal is to provide next-level events that exceed expectations and meet all of our runners’ needs. If you participated in the Inaugural Running THE AVE 5K, filling out this server helps to ensure we continue to create quality experience for years to come. As a thank you for your feedback, you’ll be redirected to an exclusive offer after submitting.

Please rate the following statements: *
Please rate the following statements:
I was able to get the information I needed for this race prior to race day
The email marketing and online posts from the event producers was informative and engaging
Information regarding the course was easy to find
I enjoyed the course that was used for this race
When running the race, it was easy to make my way through the course and it was well marked
The volunteer staff was easily available and helpful
This event was well organized
I feel that the value of my experience at this event matched or exceeded the price payed for entry
I would like to run in this event again next year
I would recommend this race to others
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