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Photo of the start of the inaugural Running THE AVE 5K. Our flagship race

Photo of the start of the inaugural Running THE AVE 5K. Our flagship race

Race production is not a “build it and they will come” industry. Maybe it was at one point, but not in the millennial age. With constant competition from larger events wielding corporate budgets, as well as the different trends that pop up in the running scene from time to time, it has gotten more difficult for directors to produce events that will bring in successful numbers. Whether your race is for a charity or not, you need to look at it as a business venture. If you aren’t then you aren’t keeping up with the competition and you won’t reach your full profit potential.

Participants, both runners and non-runners alike, need to be sold on any event if you want them signing up and getting their friends to sign up. There are very few athletes in any market that sign up for a race just because it is happening. We can show you how to capture both demographics and keep them engaged even beyond the actual day of the race.

Second Capital Running specializes in unique events within smaller communities that bring large results. Through use of quality multimedia on all major platforms we are able to target and engage all potential markets, and because of groups like Main Street Vineland and the Run Vineland Crew we have a strong network of people that are eager to get involved in an event simply because it has our name attached to it. In 2019 we will have produced nine running events in the Cumberland County area. Three of those events are inaugural races developed by founder/president Andre Rivera. Running THE AVE 5K saw 145 runners in it’s first year, the Vineland Grand Prix had an average of 160+ over 5 nights, and the rest of our 2019 events are expected to see similar results.

Over the last two years we have built a fast-growing network of over 500 potential participants in the area. That number will reach 1000 by spring of next year because we know 3 things:

We know what athletes want/need.

We know what athletes don’t even know they want/need yet.

We know how to give it to them.

We offer services as broad as full race directorship/management, to the more specific details of course design and measurement, merchandise printing, marketing and advertising, and even consultation services. We are your one-stop resource for all things running in Cumberland County and beyond. If you are interested in producing a running event and don’t know where to start, or maybe looking to take your existing event to the next level, contact us below and find out how we can work together to build up your own running community!

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