FIRST BLOG - What's With The Name?


It sounds like a bank, I know. But the story behind the name of this blog runs pretty deep throughout my life. 

When I was a kid someone told me that if anything were to happen to Trenton (earthquake, mass fire, or maybe even a “Red Dawn” type scenario) and it couldn’t serve as the capital of NJ anymore, Vineland would be the backup. I thought that was really cool because, well, I live in Vineland and so therefore I’d be part of something important I guess? I’m not really sure why it was such a cool fact, but it stuck with me and that would be my “fun fact” I’d share with people for a while. Few people actually bought it like I did and as it turns out, I actually couldn’t find anything to back up that claim. So I dropped it and never really ever thought about it again. 

That is, until I needed to figure out what I was going to name this Running Movement I was going to try to start here. Run Vineland seemed too simple, too common and easy to get lost in all of the other “Run ____” groups out there. It needed to be a name that stood out more because I wanted this to grow into more than just a running club or website. It needed to be interesting and attention grabbing. It needed to reflect how important this was to me. 

So I bounced some names and concepts around for a while. I actually almost went with Egg Basket Runners; an homage to the glory days of Vineland when the poultry industry dominated the are and we were known as the “Egg Basket of The East.” Did you know there used to be a huge illuminated chicken on top of the power plant in the ‘50’s? Anyway, that just didn’t seem to land the way I wanted to and so I came back to this idea of a backup Capital. Even if the claim wasn’t substantiated, maybe by putting it out there it would get around and bring about some kind of lore around the city of Vineland. After all, it is the largest city in the state. Doesn’t seem too hard to believe that it could be another Capital. If South Jersey were to secede from North like people always say, I’d be surprised if Vineland wasn’t at least on the list of possible capitals. 

So Second Capital Running was born. I made a logo with the Blade Runner font because I thought that was clever, printed some flyers, and made a Facebook page. The idea behind it wasn’t only to get runners together; but to make an attempt to grow an actual running culture through a movement of sorts. What’s Vineland known for right now? I have no idea. Probably just being poor, uneducated, and unhealthy. But maybe that can change. Maybe it could end up being a running town where the city feels more lively because there’s always people out there moving and engaging. And because there’s more people moving outside, then maybe they all start paying a little more attention to what’s going on around here and start asking for changes. And because of those changes we start holding all the old heads in charge more accountable for what they happens in our city. 

In my head, this all means new life being breathed into a town I’ve lived in my whole life and always felt kind of “meh” about. There’s lots of potential under the surface, and with a little movement, I think it can be shifted up to the forefront and grab peoples attention. So thanks for reading this first post. There will be more and they won’t all be about running related topics (just most of them.) As a whole, this site will hopefully serve as a way to make Vineland seem a little cooler than it has for a long time. #runvineland

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