Group Runs Are Back!

Spring is finally here!

Seemed like that winter was never going to end. Sheesh.

This Spring we’ll be running at Anthony Campanella Sr. Park (formerly South Vineland Park) where the Grand Prix has been held every summer. Figured why not cut the middle man and train where we race, right?

Meet up every Sunday at 9 am, rain or shine, and be ready to run by 9:15(ish). We’ll be running the Lake Loop, which is roughly 1.10 miles, and runners will have the choice of doing either 1, 2, or 3 loops. That sets it up so you can accomplish whatever distance you want that day without any pressure of staying with the group. All ages and all paces are welcome (walkers too!)

Our Spring Meetup + Shakeout on Sunday, March 24th will kick it off and it’ll happen every week ‘til Summer!