The Movement Evolves

I have to confess: I’m a little bored.

It’s not so much with what I’m doing though, it’s more so I’m bored with what I am not doing. And what I’m not doing is going all in. As you might know from my previous posts, I am all about forward motion. What’s next. What’s the big move. As you might also know, I made it a point to make sure I acknowledge and appreciate how far SCR has come in the last year. I never want to lose sight of what I have and what it took to get there. That is how you lose your way. But I have found my way and I think I’ve even found my calling. I’m ready to start going all in on Second Capital Running.

Here’s some background: in a recent article with SNJ Today, in addition to talking about The Movement, I got to talk about something I really only ever get the chance to talk about with my friends… my music career. From the age of 16 to 22 I was involved in a metalcore (look it up) band that managed to do fairly well for itself as a regional act. It was gritty, it was underground, and it was the kind of thing you had to be all in on to truly experience. My friends and I were all in, balls to wall, full on dedicated to Rock n’ Roll. I loved it. Playing shows and touring put such a fire in my soul that I thought it would burn forever. There was so much passion among us five young dudes that it was all we talked about. Each and every one of us was defined by that band and what we were doing with it.

Eventually the fire started to fizzle. We were going all in but not getting the exact return on investment we had hoped for. Rock n’ Roll started to feel like hard work with shitty (non-existent really) pay and some of us, including myself, opted for better paying gigs in different industries.

I like my job, don’t get me wrong. As a manager of a very successful business, I am learning a lot of things about something I’ve always been interested in: owning and operating a small business. The best part is I didn’t have to go to college. I worked my way up working part time while in the band and that earned me a shot at the full time management position. The timing worked out perfectly for what was going on in my life and with the band and I don’t regret taking the offer.

Four years have passed since that moment and I recently came to the realization that at some point I started blending in with the walls. That’s just not me. Anyone that knew me from my music days knows I prefer to stand out. Showing people how it’s done in an ostentatious manner is definitely one of my fortes. With my job came a lot of responsibilities and the need to present myself in a professional manner most of the time. Some might say I sold out, with my dry-cleaned shirt and pants, combed over hair, and overall business casual demeanor. Hell, I’m gonna say it: I SOLD OUT. But truly I was just doing what was necessary to build my career and establish myself in the modern workforce. “Adulting” as they say. I never really changed who I was, just what I was doing.

The thing is though, it got boring over time. Starting up SCR in 2018 was the first time I felt the passionate fire that comes with creating something spark up again in many years. I’m only 26. Why do I feel so much older? And more importantly, why am I okay with it?? I shouldn’t be okay with it. I should be yelling and jumping and running, saying “YO, I’ve got some cool shit to do and you’re all gonna see me do it.” That cool shit is Second Capital Running, LLC. The New and Future Fire.

Event Management.

Creative Development.


Three central aspects of this company and three central aspects of my life that all feed the fire. At the center of it all: making shit happen. I love to create. Whether it’s music, movies, stories, photos, events… I have loved to create things ever since I was a child. Always the move-maker, never really the follower. Whenever there was something no one else would do, most times I was the guy that said “screw it. I can probably do that.” Pushing boundaries and taking risks (calculated and uncalculated) are what have kept my fire burning. Guess what I haven’t done enough of in the last four years…

Going all in on Second Capital Running is probably the smart move, but more importantly, it’s the exciting move. Taking this side hustle and turning into a main hustle is going to take more time and effort than I’ve ever put into anything, but I’ve got my Crew behind me and I’ve even got a community behind me. I mean, we did convince the city to close down 3 major roads for a few hours so that we could convince 145 people to run on those roads, right? There’s something to that and I don’t want to lose the momentum.

With a decision like this there needs to be goals set as a way to maintain focus and keep myself accountable. I am stating my main goals, here and now, so that you all can hold me accountable.

  • Bring new and exciting events to the area. Ones that make people say, “wow. I can’t believe that happened here.”

  • Incorporate all of the other passions that excite me, like music, art, and story telling under the umbrella of this company with help from my friends and community members. I need all of my fingers and toes to count the artists I know. Why shouldn’t I be fitting their work into what I do?

  • Keep community at the forefront. Is it good for the area? Will it build up the people and the city? Not just in Vineland, but anywhere and everywhere I bring this brand.

  • Use everything I do to improve the space around me. Maybe the world won’t change, but people can have an effect on their immediate surroundings when they make the conscious choice to be a part of it. SCR will always be part of the change.

  • No more blending in. Does it break the mold? No? Why not? Youth is on my side and I intend to use it to change the game whenever I can.

This is something I care about and this is something I want you all to be a part of. Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t about making a bunch of money. If I wanted to do that I’d keep grinding away at my full time job and build myself up in a more conventional way. No, this is about making something happen. Something that stands the test of time, not just for myself, but for my people.

Vineland has a culture and running has a culture… it’s time they met.


Second Capital Running, LLC. encompasses, Second Capital Media, and Second Capital Event Services. All aspects of this company are dedicated to building up the running culture within Vineland and surrounding areas with the ultimate goal of strengthening the community through that culture.

Get with it or get left in the dust.

andre rivera