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Racing is what made me fall in love with running. Before my first race (Rocky Run 2014) I was just running to get ready for that race. I actually hated running before that, but at some pointed decided it was worth a shot. I tried for a little bit but struggled to stay motivated… until I found something to work towards. I remember thinking it was so cool that I was running in a race and spending too long trying to figure out how to take a decent picture of myself running (still don’t know how) for the typical #5ktraining posts. At that time running felt so punk rock to me. It still feels punk rock.

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andre rivera

Nearly 200 runners, spectators, and community figures got to experience that firsthand. That’s not something you can put back in the jar. It’s out there now and there’s no ignoring what we have started and frankly, there’s no avoiding it.

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